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Our Mission

The mission of Rutherford Collegiate Prep (RCP) is to provide a personalized, engaged, supported, and challenging environment that will strengthen students academically, socially, and emotionally. Students will leave RCP with the skills and mindset necessary to not only face reality but create improvements for the next generation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and equip a generation of self-directed critical thinkers to influence the world around them.

We Want to Bring a High-Performing Tuition-Free K-8 School to Rutherford County!

Rutherford Collegiate Prep will be a K-8 charter that will operate under the leadership and expertise of the ReThink Forward Charter Board and Noble Education Initiative. Both entities embody decades of effective leadership in education endeavors with underserved populations throughout the United States. Letter of Intent was submitted to Rutherford County Schools on February 1, 2019.

RCP will serve Kindergarten – Grade 8 beginning with Kindergarten – Grade 5 in the first year. By Year 4, RCP will enroll 725 students through Grade 8, and by Year 6 will enroll 770 students at full capacity. RCP’s educational philosophy reflects a commitment to improved teacher efficacy, meaningful collaboration among all stakeholders, and a learning community that attends to students’ social-emotional and academic needs. Our core values reflect ideas that will drive day-to-day practices, and will be taught, celebrated, and modeled by all stakeholders. Our leadership team and staff will work to ensure students are provided with the necessary support and learning experiences that lead to each student’s achievement of Tennessee Academic Standards (TAS) in Kindergarten – Grade 8. RCP’s academic plan works in support of these efforts and contributes toward making our mission a reality.

RCP’s academic plan empowers all staff as facilitators of each student’s success. Our Kindergarten – Grade 8 plan includes a focus on data-driven, standards-based instruction, development of student social and emotional learning (SEL) skills, and career exploration. Implementation of our academic plan will be driven by NEI’s Continuous Improvement Model (CIM). The model is designed around four elements: Planning, Standards-Based Instruction, Assessment, and Responsive Teaching. Planning includes the development of resources that equip teachers with TAS-aligned curriculum and assessments and provide a roadmap for planning effective instruction. Teachers will use teaching guides to ensure their instruction is based on the TAS. Assessment provides a bridge between teaching and learning and drives instruction. Responsive Teaching is considered at both the schoolwide and classroom levels based on the results of formative assessment data. We are confident effective use of the NEI CIM will provide all students, including special populations, the impactful instruction and targeted support necessary to meet or exceed student expectations.

In further support of our mission, RCP’s school layout is considered a vehicle for inspiring creativity, accommodating collaboration, and providing teachers the space flexibility they need to meet individual and small-group student needs. RCP classrooms will be designed around the learning community model, which defines the traditional classroom setting and serves to empower each staff member as a facilitator for every student’s success. Each grade-level community will work together and hone collaboration skills by utilizing one large space centered in the community that can accommodate all students, as well as smaller, modular rooms for individualized and small-group instruction. In addition to grade-level communities, RCP will also feature a large, open atrium with a three-story staircase in its center that serves as an open learning space,innovative furniture design, reading and studying nooks, and an indoor play area.

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Proposed Location

Northwest Rutherford County serves as the anticipated location for RCP.